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Having a bad case of the Mondays? Drink Cat Coffee!

"Clearly we're dealing with a disturbed individual here..."

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Date Created:9-16-2003
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Measuring in at an amazing tiny 5'2" (she says this because she doesn't want to admit she's closer to 5'1"), LilWhiteMage, or Nobara as she(he) is more commonly known, is quite the troublemaker. Nobara's are known for their skills in making goofy out of character doodles, as well as the occassional actual piece of art. They are normally mild mannered, spending their days sleeping and nights up at the local Mickie D's working their tail off. A Nobara has a tendancy to just absorb any insult given, but will also blow up at the drop of a pin, mostly when they wouldn't like to.
Strengths: Friendly (for the most part), playful, laid back, easily amused, able to lift things most girls/catfoxes cannot without any problems (ex: 40 pounds of ice cream mix, or 50 pound crates of ketchup packets :O)
Weaknesses: Horrible temper, once in tempermode-doesn't care who/what gets in the way-it'll be attacked even if it is a friend, once out of tempermode-extremely depressive-resorts to attacking self, lacks common sense, clumsy to a fault
Special Skills: Art skillz, friendly voice.... art skills? Able to devour a whole box of pocky in under a minute, DDR skills
Weapons: Pencil, pen, teeth, claws (non-existant since Nobara's like to chew on them constantly)
Quote: "Is that a cat? Or is it a fox? It has to be a Nobara..." "Psshaaaah..."

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Welcome to the pointless rantings of a 22 year old girl from Louisiana |3 Well. Sometimes not so pointless. But still. This IS a friends only journal, so if you'd like for me to add
you to my list, then either email me, or post on the request permission post... thinger xD


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My iconfiend100 challenge!

Check out my new art journal, nobaras_art!!!

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