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FMA FMA FMA!!! [01 Aug 2004|05:50pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

More Full Metal Alchemist! I want it. NOW o_o *steals Ed away for herself and huggles him tightly*

Okie. Anyways, the point of this journal is to say that I'm considering making it friends only. Why? Because..... yeah. I want to. You got a problem with it, screw you o_o

Either that, or ask me to be your friend xD

Also... I wanna know where some of my friends went ;'-'; They dunt talk to me no mores... *pouty lip*

*rambling on*

*curls up and wraps blanket around self* I could prolly use another nap right now, but let's see. I woke up... before the double digits of the morning (prolly around nine-ish) discussed a few things with Aunt Donna, went out shopping, and ate lunch at La Fiesta Brava (Buuuuuuuuuuriiiiiiiitoooooooos!!! /Gir voice) I got back and laid down on the couch, and next thing I know its close to five and Liz comes downstairs wondering where I had been for close to four hours o_o;;; Meeku indeed.

Right now I'm just sitting here... prolly should be working on finishing my picture of Jounouchi (aka Joey Wheeler offa YuGiOh- so sue me I like that show e_E *another squeel* MALIK-kun's mine biotch! >O ) I think he's upstairs though. And I'm being too much of a lazy bum to go up and get him xD

Why such an emphasis on 'traditional' art you may ask? Turns out if I want to show a certain someone my art, I NEED to have at least fifty handdrawn stuffs in a portfolio. *thinks for a moment* I have...a few handdrawn pics back up in Monroe. (my b&w Cait Sith, Red XIII, and colored Chocobo and "Moonlight Ryoko") I'm still pissed that my black and white Sesshie in puppy form pic is STILL MIA. -____-# Nothing pisses me off more than to lose a good piece of art, and of my FAVORITE character no less. Oh well. I tried drawing him digitally, and he came out good... so good, that they won't accept it on Gaia because they think I didn't draw it -__-# Oi vey.


I've done a lot of hand drawn stuff while I've been here, including plushies of Sesshoumaru and Rin, Inuyasha/Kagome and Shippou, ED (MIIIIIIIIIINE), Malik (Mine as well >_>) and then this pretty awesome b&w pic of Malik looking back over his shoulder, as well as a 'realistic'(?) Kirara which needs coloring and my Jou pic, which I'm still undecided as to whether I do him like my Mal-chan pic, or if I'll take a chance and ink/color him.

Besides the few that I also have in my sketch pad (which I had forgotten about until just now o_O) that brings the count to.... 11. Around 20 maybe if I count the stuff in my sketchpad. o-o

This also means that I WILL be going back to school for art. What area of art, I'm not sure, but DEFINATELY art. Even my DAD said I should, and that's saying something when it comes from his mouth (where he claims that he 'hates' anime x3; yet will watch it with me and enjoy it)

mwee... *skips off to another entry*

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[25 Jul 2004|12:13pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

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Bwuahahahahahahaha! >D

Anyways x3 Went out yesterday... played DDR among many things :D Boy, am I outta shape *snicker* anywho. I also went to see Spiderman. Gawd.... I LOVE Octavius. I want him. now o_o Or at least those cute lil arms x3 The way they'd turn to look at him... *gigglefit*

Oi, Liz. I got to thinking o_o you might get lost if you're driving here late (like getting here after dark) cause it can be easy to miss the turn and stuff.. we'll talk about this later today online, or just respond here (cause I'll be on and off today)

I gotta go now, cause we'll be eating lunch soon.... Ja minna
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[23 Jul 2004|01:27pm]
Fat hobbits-es!!! >F

*bursts into laughter from that... and Cole rolling a truck up and down arm as she's typing this*
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LotR and short hair! [23 Jul 2004|01:22pm]
[ mood | content ]

I'm sitting here in Baton Rouge, watching Return of the King, eating McDonald's (omg, some fast food for once *hasnt had fast food in like... two months*) drinking coke, and I have SHORT hair. Yeah SHORT. ^^ I likes. I'll have to post photos once I get it dyed and stuff.

Anyways, I'll prolly update more later, but for now I must get back to watchin' the movie. Will be gone all day tomorrow cause daddy's taking me out to do WHATEVER I want ^____^ Maybe... when we go to see Spiderman tomorrow night, we can swing by and get my Jaken plushie x3;

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Closin' Time [22 Jul 2004|05:20am]
[ mood | Can't wait to go see my bro!:D ]

I want these. BAD. xD Maybe when I go to Baton Rouge in an hour or so I can convince mom to buy them for me since she's always buying Steph and Em new clothes....

From one of my favorite online comics, VG Cats. Think she'd let me get 'em? x3; Either that, or we're going to Waldenbooks and getting me a Jaken Plushie to torment in place of my sisters' friends who somehow managed to be staying there at the same time I decided to go down

Click Here for Prices
Comic its from

Click Here for Prices
Comic its from

Oh yeah. Forgot to add the fact that I'm getting my hair redyed (FINALLY!) probably very light brown, since I know mom would never go for like... blue or whatever x3 I'm also getting it chopped off. Short-like... probably chin length. I'll be hating myself come winter, but damnit, I'm sick of it right now x-X I want it GOOOONE! Shower time! *skitters off again*

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Honest to god.. I just don't know... [12 Jul 2004|02:31pm]
[ mood | moody ]

Yeah, maybe art is a part of me, and I probably won't be able to contain the urge to keep on doing it... Honestly though I just can't right now... For one, my hand/arm has got SERIOUS issues... from middle arm down to my fingers of my right arm is COMPLETELY numb for the most part, even now as I'm typing. It's been like this since last night, and its beginning to be more of a thing to start worrying about rather than be annoyed by (I can't even hold my Game Boy or Cube controller for more than ten minutes without it beginning to ache, or lose feeling completely) The fact that at any moment I can bite into my pinky without it hurting a bit... just.. yeah. -.-

On top of that, I just have no will to draw anything. Liz suggested something morbid for once my arm is better (which it isn't lookin' that way anytime soon now): My response: I just can't do it. EVERYTHING I draw winds up being 'cute'. The closest to macabre I've done is this:

[EDIT: Ain't that Peachy damn keen. Damned pic won't load --; Fuck it. *posts link to it on DA*]

And that's HARDLY creepy scary icky what have you.

Why do I even bother? Sure, there are a few people online, plus my real life friends that like my art, but wow. That isn't helping me pay bills, or improving my life in any special way. All it does is give a picture for someone to look at for a couple of moments, go "oh. that's cool/cute!" maybe fav if on DA, then never give it second glance. There's just something wrong with that image...it's like I've accomplished absolutely nothing at all.

I'm off, to let my arm rest again. Maybe it'll rot and fall off -_-;

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[12 Jul 2004|12:23am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Remind me not to fuckin' bother with art anymore... can't draw anyways. not to mention I'm a fuckin' idiot who can't keep damn windows straight and closes a pic without saving after making my arm NUMB. Screw it.

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.... What the FUCK are they thinking? [01 Jul 2004|11:03am]
[ mood | moody ]

Taken from nursemette

I honest to god can't believe they're ALLOWING pharmacists to deny women birth control pills. Just because they believe that the pill 'causes abortion' and they think that's eeeeevil. *growl* Complete and utter BULLSHIT. T.T# Maybe once I clear my head I'll edit this for more cognizant thoughts... *leaves link for ya'll to go read while she huffs up and goes back to playin' pokemon*


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Dreams and people suck. -.-# [26 Jun 2004|09:03am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I haven't been genuinely frightened by a dream in a while, not since the ones I used to have about tornadoes and stuff. But today... today I woke up in a cold sweat, and even now I'm still shaky and wanting to go into tears for some reason.

This dream started where my one yesterday ended. Yesterday's ended with me standing on a bridge when all of a sudden someone shot something at it and it started to crash into the water.

I held onto the railing, holding my breathe as my half of the bridge sunk underwater. To my suprise though, it floated back up, and the ones that survived were herded towards the other side of the bridge. I noticed the cage I had seen in the dream before and began to fight back, insisting that we had done nothing wrong, and if anything the man who blew the bridge should be sent into that place. Turns out, the guy that blew it was the person in charge of town --; So we got herded into the cage while that man stood there and laughed.

Fun. Yeah right.

So we're stuck in this cage, that's more like a zoo pen ala Jurassic park (too high to climb and electricfied so there's no point in tryin' anyways) A bunch of people had apparently died the first few days of being in there, cause... there were only about twenty of us left. At this points it shifts views to like I'm watching a movie, and I realize that there's no humans at all. o_o Everyone was animals .-_- Damned screwy perspectives. I had taken on the form of one of my pets offa Neo, my Island Shoyru Ryuu (probably because his personality best fits mine- nice, laid-back, gullable, though can go to roaring dragon in the blink of an eye if pissed off) Mary (one of my friends) was there too, though she was just in a random pets body. There was this one animal in there that was pouncing and wanting to screw everything in sight... so yeah. u.u You can easy guess what happened there with that when she pounced on me. And the thing about it is it felt REAL.

And I get yelled at because I can't sleep at night now. -.-; *sigh* Mrrrrrr.

So yeah. I'm irritated now. I can't sleep, and I get in trouble for not wanting to sleep because I DON'T want to have that kind of dream again. Fuck this. *sulks off to.... somewhere*

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Fun with art [25 Jun 2004|05:56am]
[ mood | artistic ]

Bwee. Just a few random things...

I learned how to make blinkies :D Yay! Might do a few (mostly my own pets... like this one)

I've also been 'hired' to make adoptables for Zetapets.So lessee... there are.. 28 pets, and 12 colors for each.. 336 pics. Wow ^^; that's a lot. I've gotten a couple done so far. It's not the actual drawing that's gonna be rough (cause for adoptables ya can use the same pic with the exception of the two baby colors) it's gonna be the coloring. These are the two I've gotten done so far. @_@;

I also started doing commission stuff *bursts into laughter* Like people would want to actually buy my art. *hacking cough* Anyways. It's worth a shot. e_E Info on prices and stuff is on my DA page, located HERE

And now, I must get some sleep. Until next time.

Oyasumi minna

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[25 Jun 2004|04:25am]
[ mood | amused ]

Oh my god... I'm loving this episode of Time Squad xD George W. Bush is wanting to waste time building a big ball of string instead of running the presidency right *rolls* And when he meets Tudrussle he gets all giggly because he finally met someone else around there with a Texas accent x3 I have to say though, my favorite is him showing everyone in the room his kindergarden-scribble pic of a blue ball of string and a tiny stick person <= Me :D

*dies of laughter and goes back to work on her Zetapets adoptables for Amanda*

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Fuckin' Bitch... [17 Jun 2004|08:11pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

So Chris's mom calls a few minutes ago to ask when he was going to be brought back and to talk to him. No big deal.

Till I notice what Chris is replying to her questions.

"Oh, I sleep with daddy. Angie? She sleeps on the couch. But its her choice, she doesn't care."

That bitch was asking if I've been sleeping with them in the same bed. =.=

THAT is none of her damn business for one. Secondly, she shouldn't be asking that shit to her eight year old son. If she's gonna ask about that kinda stuff, she needs to get the balls to ask NICK. =.=

*growls and goes to finish cooking dinner*

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*le sigh* u_U() *sweatdrops* [16 Jun 2004|06:55pm]
[ mood | exanimate ]

I sometimes seriously wonder about my family... well some of them anyways. u-u;

My momma called yesterday randomly to talk, asked if Chris was still here and how he was doing (she doesn't seemed too freaked about the fact that Nick has a son, which is very good ^^; ) and when we would have to go to take him back home. After going over all of that, she asked if we or anybody I know (like Liz) had stayed at the trailer recently. I told her that me, Nick and Emilyi had stayed there recently whilst on the way to pick up Chris, and asked her why she wanted to know o_o;

Turns out, my Uncle Chris (my dad's brother, not my Uncle Chris on my mom's side) is living there now. Due to very... disturbing reasons (namely, he was shot)... he was left without a job and way to pay bills, so he was kicked out of his home. His truck was also impounded, so he had no mode of transportation. For two weeks. He only just now called my daddy to tell him what had happened, and though my daddy may have a gruff appearance on the outside, he's really nice and sweet especially to family. And who would turn their back on their younger brother...? Him and mom went up to Mississippi the past weekend and cleaned up the trailer a bit, paid the 200 bucks to get my uncle's truck from the impound, and gave him and my aunt(? - I say that because they've been together and seperated like... a hundred times) 300 dollars for gas and groceries to get them through the month.

My cousin is supposedly also going to be living there, since she seperated from her... whatever. Aunt Patty doesn't have a job, and will probably never get one e_E and due to the fact that Uncle Chris can't work because his legs from the knee down are filled with shotgun pellets, Jeneca will have to get a job. She better at least >O Mom and Dad shouldn't have to use all their money to support them when they have themselves they have to take care of. At least they seemed really appreciative of what my parents are doing for them.

Good news is, Uncle Chris has sworn that once he gets back up onto his feet (quite literally) he'll pay mom and dad back, PLUS he said that he'll completely redo the flooring and walls in the trailer for free ^-^ After all, he was working in carpentry and stuff before he got shot.

So yeah. Staying at the trailer anytime soon is pretty much out of the question. Though mom said that if I even NEEDED to stay there, she would call and tell them to make room and get over the fact that I'm there >_>;

I'm off for now to get to work on some drawings, plus, it's getting close to dinner and Chris keeps asking me when I'm gonna start cookin' xD I told him we have to wait till its almost time for his daddy to come home.... which happens in like... thirty minutes now.

Ja minna!

How to make a lilwhitemage

3 parts intelligence

5 parts silliness

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[10 Jun 2004|06:05am]
[ mood | horny ]


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It never fails... [07 Jun 2004|07:32pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Just when you think a day can't get any worse.

It does.

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One time offer! [04 Jun 2004|10:59pm]
[ mood | productive ]

Just lettin' ya'll folks back in Mississippi know... I'm coming back for a night o_o That's right! For one night only you TOO can see the Angie back in her home environment!

Jus' pickin ^^ But seriously. I'm staying the night in Hattiesburg tomorrow night, so if anyone around there wants to meet up or anything, just reply to this before.... tomorrow afternoon, since that's when I'll be heading out.

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Uhm... Sure. [03 Jun 2004|01:50am]
[ mood | confused ]

-Not- You're...not girlfriend material. Not because
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What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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Taken from nursemette [01 Jun 2004|08:42pm]
[ mood | numb ]

*slumps* Whee u_u

Bold the ones you've seen
- Italicize the ones you liked
- Underline the ones you haven't finished

Buncha different animeCollapse )

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Pool Nazi! [01 Jun 2004|05:54am]
[ mood | cranky ]

(C&Ped from my DA journal because I don't want to be in the middle of typing this and the power go out from storms e_E)

Adventures of the Mage and reference to the title of this journal:

My encounter with the pool nazi, AKA the old fucking asshole who thinks he owns the apartment complex and gets great pleasure in pissing people off. >.> Okay, so my fiancee's had an encounter with the guy, but I'll go into that later.

Me and Em spent the past two days looking for bottoms for our swimsuits (because I'm VEEEERY shy about showin' my legs, plus the fact that I'm not exactly skinny doesn't help ) and today we finally found stuff. We got dressed and went out to the pool, where a few people were already all swimming and stuff. I had on my new SWIMMING shorts and Em being shyer than me plus just getting over a sunburn got in the pool wearing a tshirt. He came over there and DEMANDED that we take off our 'street clothes'.

What the hell?

Em's I could understand. But it was JUST a tshirt. The rule on the sign there says "No CUTOFF shorts" Is shirt mentioned in that sentence? I think not. So I try to explain MY part.

Me: Eh.. I know we're not allowed to wear short shorts, but these are swim...
Pool Nazi: *cuts me off* Take them off.
Me: But.. They're SWIMMING...
Pool Nazi: *AGAIN cuts me off* NOW. *stomps off, shooting pissy glare at me*

Goddamnit. I didn't buy these fuckin things and waste ten bucks of MY money for some old fart to start bitching at me like I'm a red-headed stepchild. Anyways, the older ladies there (which, might I add, were REALLY nice) just rolled their eyes, one of them offering to take our 'street clothes' and hang them up on the fence with the rest of our things.

About ten minutes before we left, he started again. Not on me, else I would have cussed him up and down at that point. This kid came in, wearing ... not blue jean shorts, but ya know... kinda like swimming trunks. Apparently the asshole didn't think they were 'appropriate' and told the kid he couldn't get in the pool. Of course, the kid got depressed because of this, and one of the women pulled him over and told him to just get in. However when he said his mom was coming they told him to just wait and they'd talk to her. The mom eventually came, and ladies told her what happened, and when I left the old fart was getting bitched out.

I told Nick about all of this when he came home, and he asked if he was this old guy, loudmouth, thinks he rules the earth, so I told him yeah. Turns out, Nick has had a run-in with him as well, back when we were having issues with our plumbing. For those of ya'll who remember, they had to cut through our wall to get in and find that a pipe had busted in the foundation, causing everything to back up.

Well, while Nick was over at the office reporting it to them, apparently the guy overheard and made some comment that Nick MUST have been putting the wrong stuff in the disposal. *twitch* Nick got a tad peeved, informing him that the ONLY things we put in the disposal were what were listed BY the complex that we could. Then the fucktard decided to make a snide little comment "If I were the repairmen, I'd wouldn't fix your plumbing since it's your fault."

Aw HELL no. We're not playing that fucking game.

So yeah. Needless to say, me and Nick got into a discussion about how this man should die and rot in hell

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Jimmy Johnson pwnz! [30 May 2004|09:16pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]


>) Damn right. Leading most of the race, and going on to win it.

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