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Concerning Art theft -tracing- on DA, as well as particular styles.

-crossposted from DA, purposely made public post-

Funny how things work out... and this 'work out' has seriously got me considering just packing up and leaving for elsewhere. o.o

Ha. u_u; I doubt I will, but still. It really irritates me, because it's like they're pointing us (as in anime/furry) artists in particular.

Read here for info:

I'm seriously not sure what to think ._. YES. I understand the issue of not being able to © an idea or pose or coloring style (as I've had to explain to a few people sometimes ^^; ) Yet people can be allowed to TRACE your exact image, and rename it as their own without giving you a LICK of credit, and you can't do jack shit about it? Uhm. NO. There's a line between inspiration and theft.

Granted, I also don't like the idea of going around flaming people without knowing the complete story. Unless I know for a FACT that they practically Copy/Pasted my friends'/my own art. At that point I feel I have the right to bark all I want to. u.u;

Of course, as an anime artist, I look to the mangaka and other fanartists for 'inspiration', perhaps learning a technique or two. But in the end I form it into my own particular style. I get an image in my head, and draw.

Let me give an example. My recently finished Articuno pic.

I obviously got inspiration for the character from Pokemon. The style that I did it in was lineless watercolors, a technique that I got from watching one of Mewkitty's tutorials on her site. I came up with a pose in my head, and viola. Lords know how many hours later, I have the finished product.

But according to this new 'rule/policy/whatnot' a person could take my articuno image, trace the exact same pose; same coloring style; essentially ALL that I did; and claim that they came up with the picture.

And they wouldn't get in trouble for it. Just as long as they 'did the work themselves'

This all seriously gives me a headache. It really does. Especially since recently the seemingly 'upper-class' artists have been looking down upon anime artists and the like. (Make note of the lil "Oh, I don't see why they're so upset since all anime and furry characters look the same" in the first part of one of those posts...) Sadly, it makes me feel like I'm unwanted here. Like I'm the scum of the earth because of the style that I wish to draw in. And I hate that feeling. Sometimes it seriously makes me wanna curl up in a lil ball and just give up on art.

To me, art isn't about the style that you do it in. Its the FINISHED PRODUCT. I've seen people who take gorgeous photographs, painters that I secretly imagine are in an actual art gallery (rather than just an online one), and fanart of all sorts that makes me wanna cry because I suck so badly compared to them. I respect ALL of those artists, yet the general feeling I get in return is that I'm hated for my style, whether I do original art or fanart.

This user (HimeAndi) sums up my feelings in a shorter and far better manner...

"It is alarming to see so many people leaving the community for other shores, and yet I get the definite sense that many others here, admins and members alike will not care, may in fact be glad to see them gone, because the artists who are leaving are not “serious” artists. So what if the fan-artists, furries and their ilk leave?

"It is shameful, the comments about Anime-artists and Furries. I looked at the galleries of these commenters; most were photographers or vector artists. It is obvious that they regard themselves as “above” many of the other artists here. Art is art; an expression from the soul. How dare these people act so condescending?

"I am just saddened by this whole situation. I suppose it will mean nothing in the end, and certainly not to the “serious” artists. It is too bad really. This cannot help but be very detrimental to DeviantArt in the long run. Who can respect a place that allows the denigration of any segment of its members this way?
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