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Fuuuuuuuuuck *unlocked as requested by Liz*


Well. Weather Channel CONTINUES to say the fucking hurricane is going to hit Florida. *gnaw* More on this in a moment.

First off. Parents are moving :O Back when I was staying with mom and such a few weeks ago, dad came in griping about how ANOTHER store was opening in Mississippi, and that he OBVIOUSLY wouldn't get it, so he wasn't going to apply. Well. His boss called him last week, asking why he hadn't put in for it. Response: My oldest daughter here is graduating this year. I'm NOT moving. Well. The guy told him to just go ahead and do it anyway, and to get the guy to quit pestering him, dad did.

He got called back a few days later and was interviewed. Tuesday, they called and told him they had given him the job. Dad waited till Saturday morning after Em's football game to spring the news, and of course Em was upset... cause she's in guard down at the school... this is her first year of high school with ALL of her friends.... Yeah. Steph was grumpy too because... well. She graduates this year. So yeah.

Where is this store you might ask? Why, only two hours away from me, in Jackson, MS. The good side of Jackson mind you. I'm glad in a way, because NOW it won't be a half a day's drive down to visit my parents -_- Mom is looking for dad an apartment in Jackson to stay in for the time being (kinda like what happened the year I graduated and he went to live down in Baton Rouge) and they will ride the school year out so Stephanie can graduate, and to give Emily plenty enough time to decide what school she wants to go to. Yep. Mom is letting her choose. It's gonna be either Brookhaven (I think) which is an equivalent to what Denham High is. Large school, 5A, winter color guard, the works. OR. McLaurin. Small school, similar to our old school in Sumrall. Believe me. I know this place is small -_- because we went there EVERY year for our first football game. But it only has a miniscule guard program.

Like I said, Em will have the rest of the year and the summer to decide what school she wants to go to.

Back to the business of this fucking hurricane >/

I'm taking all bets now. You can decide on whether you think it will hit A)Texas B) Louisiana (my personal choice) C) Mississippi (which I hope it DOESN'T because I have a LOT of friends back home in MS) D) Alabama E) by some GOD AWFUL chance that it actually HITS Florida like they are so badly wanting this thing to do.

I was supposed to be making plans to go and visit my mom and them within the next few days. Nick can GET OVER IT. I'm NOT driving to Baton Rouge NOT knowing where the hell this thing is going to hit, and people panicking trying to figure out what they're going to do. No. Hell no.

Mom is pissy about it too, because she and dad have been watching this thing like a hawk. Hell. I vaguely mentioned that I had watched it yesterday, and she IMMEDIATELY went and got her charts to tell me where SHE thinks it's going to hit. This is HER thoughts.

"For every notch it goes north, it goes THREE west. The only reason that they STILL try to say that it's going to hit Florida is because they want to say that *gasp* 'Florida got slammed by THREE major hurricanes!'"

.... She's been watching this thing for about a week now.

Dad's store is ALSO keeping a close eye because, well. He works for LOWE'S. They sell plywood and stuff. Unfortunately, he DOESN'T have generators, because Weather Channel FUCKED up the forecast and said it was going to hit Florida. So nearly ALL the stores along the coast sent ALL their generators Florida's way. Order more generators you say? There's a problem with that. The factory can ONLY make 100 generators a day. And they are pumping out as fast as they can now. Dad's store will be LUCKY if they can get a FEW before this hits.

Dad's store has FIVE projected paths. Five scenarios. *this is after watching and taking in EVERY possible weather condition (which there is NOTHING blocking this thing now. That lil front they said would drag it to Florida? GONE. Nothing but popup afternoon storms.)

1. It hits somewhere along the Texas/Louisiana border. What can ya do?

2. It hits SLAM in the middle of Louisiana. Fucking all those who don't get a chance to evacuate. (EX: the people of Grand Isle, LA. There's only ONE road in/out of Grand Isle. I kid you not. They need to know at least THREE/FOUR days ahead of time so they won't fucking DROWN. Running out of time to warn them, Fucktards of the Weather Channel....)

3. It hits the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Lord help all of my friends there ;'-'; I know Lizzie is already getting her place ready and getting ready to leave there. I hope any of you others that live there do the same.

4. It hits Alabama. Same thing as with the Mississippi folks. Hope ya'll board up and get out.

5. It (for some reason manages to) hits Florida. Florida of course is ready -_- Stupid Weather Channel fucks only warning THEM.

My biggest gripe is the same as my parents'. What about those people that live on the coast of Lousiana where there's only one road in and out? Are we suppose to just say "ONG!!oneshift1!! It's a shame those people had to die!" -_-

I'm off to... I dunno. Get lunch. Prolly gonna call Nick and tell him the news about my dad moving to Jackson. And then tell him there's no way in fucking hell I'm heading SOUTH with a hurricane hitting somewhere on the coast. T-T;;;

Ja minna.
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