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Okay. So I've decided to enter the art contest at Suncoast this Sunday o~o;;

I went up there to talk to the manager lady, and she said they're gonna hold it (as in everything going on that day) from around one to five. So.. I asked her if I could possibly either bring my stuff and scramble back to work or have someone bring it for me. She said I could, so yay. She also said there's only one entry per person, so mew. I have to decide on whether I wanna enter my Renji/Hihiou Zabimaru picceh, or this new pic I'm working on.

Which, by the way, I've come to a realization. The only time that I draw (and draw GOOD) is when I'm roleplaying. I kid you freakin' not. Anything that I put my best effort into was done while I was in the middle of playing around. Like my idea to draw that Renji pic. Yeah >_> Then of course there's my lil set series now of Rangiku. Since I've been RPing her a lot recently.

Because we really don't drink a lot >_> Really. (inked and about to be colored)
--PLEASE forgive the monstrous size on this pic until I can get my fecking comp to cooperate with me and load the smaller version e___E#--

Gin plushies are aaaaall the rage lately >_> Bwaha. (this 'un has been inked and is on the way to colorling as well)

But yeah. I realize this tonight as I'm sitting here trying to draw this new picceh of teh Shiro-chan o_o And get a complete and utter BLOCK despite the fact that I know EXACTLY how I want this pic to look. So I sit at my computer desk and manage to get a little more done on it.. but yet again, nothing.

It's at this point that I realize I've gone without RPing for at least four days now @=@; which.. kinda explains why I'm just stuck here now staring at my computer screen going... Okay. I can draw this. I can.. draw... ah fuck it -_-

It's really irritating me now at this point. Because I KNOW if I were to be rping right now, I'd prolly already be done with this. It took me all of two days to finish my Renji pic, so why should this be any different?

Anyways. I'm fixing to go and flop on my bed to at least color some stuff. At least that doesn't seem to be affected by this block e_e
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