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Feeling sick to my stomach. My guess as to why... ate waaaay too much yesterday @_@;; I have to run off to a couple of places today to finish off my Christmas shopping. Gyah. Ought to be nice and crazy out there today... At any rate. I'm finishing it today. So there. >/

I like listening to now. Muchly x3;

So. Plans for today. Go finish my shopping for myself, as well as Steph since she just handed me off some money to do so >_>; Go mail a couple of things at the post office (which also ought to be .... quite interesting. I remember how things were last year in Monroe, so I can only imagine what they'll be like here). Come home and wrap up said presents. And hopefully spend the rest of my day off just laying around. Or wait. Movies.. hrm.. *evil grin, plot* I could go see a certain movie I've been wanting to...

At any rate, I'm gonna go now. See ya'll in a bit hopefully.

Holy crap. o_o Just learned that one of my favorite songs is actually from Naruto. Woohoo. *hums along with Wind*
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