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Let the wank begin

First of all, my apologies for the grumpy bitchiness of any of my posts. Turns out waking up on an empty stomach and seeing something irritating is apparently a first class ticket to Bitchville. Simply put, I've woken up now, and have gotten food in my stomach, therefore I'm a bit more... clearheaded.

Fact is, a lot of you won't know what this is about. Because this happened off my journal (and to avoid any further troubles there, no names or the actual journal will be listed. not that it matters since the journal in question was locked.. but anyways)

Let's just look at it from this viewpoint. In my opinion, it's alright to talk about your own family/complain about them all you want. Hell, I do it all the time. But that's only with my IMMEDIATE family. My sisters, brother, and parents. I DO NOT drag any of my other family members in and blatantly slander them, then sit back to watch everyone else do the same regardless as to whether or not they've even met said family member in question.

So this has turned into a "Yo MAMA~" thing. Ha.

But seriously. I have PLENTY of things I'm pissy about with some of my aunts/uncles, but I don't go posting it all over the place. I'll probably talk about it to someone I'm close to, such as my own sister or cousin or whatever. But again, I'm not posting anything saying "ROR. This person in my family sucks because I say so, and so all of you should agree with me cause you're my friends."

Basically, I know all of what was stated is probably true. Yes, there will probably wind up being gloating on my mom's end or whatever when this is all said and done, but what right do you have to jump in and start saying crap about her when you've never even met or likely SEEN the woman? That'd be like me jumping in and saying "Your mom sucks just because so-and-so said she does. >/"

Now, I'm not expecting any apologies, but I'm not exactly going to be giving any myself. In fact, at the moment I'm still kinda like... Screw you all. All I'm really asking for is a bit more TACT and RESPECT. I may not have been on too good of terms with my mother, or my sister, or whoever, but goddamnit. They're still FAMILY. And I'm going to treat them as such. Not like the fucking scum of the Earth. *snort*

This post will be purposely left open to the public until such a time I feel it is necessary to put it back under my friend's lock. This is because I'm not sure if those involved have access to my friends posts. So yeah.

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