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I love how people assume that just because you're a newb to something, that you're .. well. A n00b.

Sorry Rage1145. No scamming this newbie to Runescape. ¬.¬

It's really sad that people resort to scamming... And even sadder that people fall for it.

Whenever this guy came up to me, the first warning light was that he was level 20 something. What level 20 person would want to trade something with a newbie that barely has ANYTHING?

Second. He kept nudging me. "Come on. Do it."

When I finally went through to the last trade screen, I suddenly came across this:

"For your: Bronze sword You're getting: Absolutely nothing!"


So I reject and tell him that if he's going to give me the damn gold to keep it on there.

"Oh, well when you trade they keep the gold and items seperate"

Suuuure buddy.

"I may be new here, but I'm not THAT stupid. I'll be back in a moment" At which point I went and read through the online manual. Gee... when you trade something for gold, the gold really IS supposed to show on the final trade screen. "Eh. Forget about person."

"Do it."

"No thanks. I haven't got the time to be scammed right now."

"Do it now or I'm slaying you."

¬¬ Ooooou. I'm shaking in my little black boots. *flops back, twirling silver-chained watch with a yawn* -_- Like I'm scared of having a newbling character on an online game killed by some pissy fucktard who didn't fool the newbie tottering around aimlessly. Not all of us new people are idiots, moron. *reports for item scamming with a snort*

Peh. Stupid annoying people. As if I don't have to deal with them enough in the real!world, I have to deal with them here online. What a fucking lose/lose situation... -_-;

*totters over to zetapets*
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